Welcome to Counterclockwise’s Documentation Site.

Counterclockwise is best described as an Integrated Development Environment for the Clojure language.
It is an extension of the popular Eclipse IDE.


You don’t have Eclipse and want to get up and running quickly? Download the Standalone Product (batteries included), Follow Install Counterclockwise as a standalone product

You have Eclipse and want to install Counterclockwise as an Eclipse plugin, Follow Install Counterclockwise as a plugin

User Documentation

Where’s a comprehensive documentation of Counterclockwise? Follow Counterclockwise User Documentation.

What’s new? Follow ChangeLog of Counterclockwise Versions to know everything.

Keyboard Shortcut Cheat Sheet Keyboard Shorcuts

Developer Documentation

Want to contribute to the development of Counterclockwise? Start here for Installing an Environment to develop Counterclockwise itself.

Mailing List

Please contact other Counterclockwise Users and the developers Team on the dedicated Google Group clojuredev-users